Hi loves 🙂

so I’ve yet I be able to get a new phone. It sucks I know. But, videos and tutorials will be up very very soon on tumblr I promise!! Stick with me loves it’ll be worth it I promise!

I love you all so very much !


Hey loves :)

Hey loves 🙂

So recently I’ve been seeing a lot of these beautiful girls with so much potential feel like they aren’t pretty enough and good enough. You see pictures of these girls all over Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc, that have perfect bodies, perfect hair, perfect makeup, odds are those girls aren’t what they seem. Odds are, they are probably all fake. If you have acne, have a few extra pounds, not perfect hair it’s all who you are. It’s what makes you real. Those super models you see on TV and on runway shows live a very dangerous life style. Their diets are crazy. You don’t want to live like that. It’s not healthy. Be who you are, never wish to be look and be like someone else. Theres only one of you. Make the world see who you are, and don’t waste it. You are all beautiful and amazing 🙂 I love you all

Fashionista couture 😉


Hey guys:)

so I know I haven’t been on in a while. It’s been storming a lot here recently and I’ve bad service. But, I wanted to share and give you the steps on creating one of my most favorite makeup styles ever created!! Ombré lips.

You can use any color of your choice. It’s easier to use, red, grey, and purple.

Step one: use your choice and lip liner and outline the corner of your lips. Or you can only outline the front of your lips depending on how you want to do this.

Step two: take your choice of a lighter shade of lipstick and very lightly fill in the places where you outlined. Be careful to not put too much or too little.

Stel three: take your choice of the darker shade of lipstick and fill in the rest of your lips. Be cautious to not go over your lighter shade.

Step four: take your choice of lipgloss. You can use a simple clear color, pinkish color, or even red. Lightly blend in your colors then lightly dab with a piece of tissue. Be careful to not take off too much then it won’t look right.

It’s important to remember to use all of these things very lightly. Too much and make you look like your lips are fake.

It’s a very easy and simple task to do. It can range from a classy, formal evening out to a restaurant, or even as a walk in the park. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!!


Hey loveys 🙂

youll be seeing a lot more of me so get used to me fast!! This blog was created to share my love for fashion, makeup and so much more. My dream is to be able to attend a fashion show and be known for being there and having people know who I am. I know most people couldn’t care less about this considering that no one really notices my blog but it allows me to gr out what I need about fashion. It’s going to help me get there. If you are here supportinge for this is I appreciate you so much and couldn’t thank you enough.

All the love in this blogtastic world

fashionista couture 😉


Hey loves!!

Just started this new website for my blog!! Thought this would be easier for everything, don’t you think? If you have any questions, opinions or concerns please let me know:) I think this blog will be a good chance for me to get higher up in the fashion world. Thanks for supporting!!:)